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Love Sleep.

Sleepless nights, restless days? Let me help! 

Together we will train your little sleepers into big dreamers!



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I’m Rachel Abed, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense™ Consultant and my goal is transforming exhausted and sleep-deprived families into happier, well-rested ones. After all, everyone, including babies, function a lot better after a good night's rest. If the topic of sleep is overwhelming and confusing, or if you're an exhausted parent and looking for answers and solutions for your little one's sleep issues, you've come to the right place!


As a former sleep-deprived mom of a restless baby, the good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…sleeping poorly night after night is not something you have to continue to endure just because you became a parent. I use gentle sleep methods that will help your child learn to self-soothe, fall asleep independently, and stay asleep through the night!


Every child is different! Instead of using a “cookie-cutter” approach, my unique system lets us work together to find the method best suited to YOUR child’s sleep habits and unique personality. With my expert advice, tailored guidance, and unlimited support, you could experience significant progress in your child's sleep in as little as 3 days! I would be honored to help you in this part of your parenting journey!

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Happy Baby



Jackie R.

"Hiring Rachel as our sleep consultant was one of the best decisions we made as new parents. She helped us set the foundation for good sleep habits in our newborn. Rachel helped us craft our sleep routine, informed us of pitfalls to watch out for, and and provided us with tools and strategies to optimize the sleep of our girl. At 12 weeks we all sleep through the night and have a plan in place for potential future sleep regression."

Ashley O.

"We came to Abed of Sleepers as very sleep deprived parents! Our son had hit the 4 month sleep regression early and was waking up every hour at night. Rachel helped us get his daytime sleep more structured and then laid out an entire plan based on our needs and preferences for his night time sleep. Within the first few nights, Gabriel was giving us 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and was putting himself back to sleep consistently! It was a game changer for us, and we were finally able to enjoy our time with him. Rachel was knowledgeable and really helped us reach our goals!"

Theresa M.

"We sought out Rachel just after my son turned 10 months. He had been waking up multiple times a night for several months and we were beyond exhausted. From the first night he slept straight through the night. Our only regret is that we didn’t look for her sooner!! Thank you!!!!"

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